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"We want you to know how grateful we are for having the children read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Thank you for your support and for all you do to promote understanding and acceptance. There are very few opportunities for kids to learn about tolerance in the Inland Northwest. We feel very fortunate to have our girls attend Pioneer School. In a very short period of time we have seen some amazing results. You both have some amazing talents! "

Gratefully, Don and Joan Berkowitz

"My children were very comfortable at Pioneer and loved sitting in a heap on a stack of pillows for silent reading, loved gathering around their teacher awaiting instructions on an upcoming science lab while she perched above them on her funky chair, holding them rapt with her description of what was to come and their possible role in the outcome."

- Ostheller's family

"Thank you for teaching me this past wonderful year. This class was incredible fun. My favorite topic this year was Native Americans. The Potlatch was great!"

- Ryan (A Pioneer student)

"Pioneer taught the girls how to learn. By that, I mean how to be creative, how to think and analyze, how to understand estimation and relativity. They learned to gain information, evaluate and draw conclusions. It was never about memorizing or testing. It was about asking the right questions, collecting the right data, understanding the importance of information and how it relates to our daily lives. They learned to learn every day in every environment. The thematic approach connected the academic skills to life. The hands-on approach made it fun."

- Sherri Bovino

"Pioneer is a great school! I want to thank my teacher for teaching me interesting writing tricks, math problems, and how to write like an author. My favorite topic that our class studied was space. I enjoyed learning about comets, asteroids, meteors, and planets. One of my favorite field trips was going to the Planetarium where we got to see many constellations! Pioneer is a great school because the teachers make learning fun - you get to go on educational field trips and you get way more attention then any other school!"

- Robin (A Pioneer Student)

"A year and a half ago we took a risk and pulled our children out of a "comfortable" school and sent them to Pioneer. Pioneer has been an amazing educational environment where our children's strengths and gifts were exposed and appreciated. My son left more confident in himself, not only academically, but socially. My daughter was able to express herself in writing, something she truly has a passion for but was never encouraged in run an incredible school."

-Dr. Marnie Collins

"You have re-ignited the spark in our daughter that fuels her love of learning and we will be forever grateful for all you've done for our family."

-Chris Martin

"Thank you for your commitment to my son's intellectual and academic growth, for nurturing his curiosity, and his interests. Learning by topics and having all those adventurous field trips made school exciting and laugh out loud FUN! I love how the Pioneer experience is all about learning and living life fully and expansively. It has been a true pleasure and a huge blessing that my child got to partake in all this with you!!!"

-Joan McCarron, school counselor